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I’ve known about yabbuts for a while. Having children of my own I heard them referenced quite frequently. Recently on a trip to the mountains though, a young friend of mine gave me quite a wonderful description of what a yabbut looks like and the book There Are No Such Things As Yabbuts was born. He has been eagerly awaiting its debut with his very own handmade yabbut pictured below.

This friend loves math, and has quite a remarkable gift for facts and so I knew I had to include a mathematical element. If you pay close attention, you may notice a pattern within the pages. Parents you will know it as the Fibonacci sequence that is so often found in nature.

My own children and I have a running joke that I am not a But Mom and so a book exposing the problem with overuse of the word but is dear to my heart. Silly and simple, this book does just that with a simple note to the reader in the back with a simple yet serious suggestion on a better way to be heard.

Looking forward to launching There Are No Such Things As Yabbuts available November 2023.

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