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    Nelson Mandela once said that he discovered that “courage is not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it.”

    The same can be said for bravery. Bravery is not never being afraid. Bravery is doing the right thing for the benefit of someone else even though you are scared, even though you may face great danger or suffering.

    Tiger The Big Brave Scaredy Cat faces the confusion that you have to not be scared to be brave head on while capturing a young audience through rhyming and colorful illustrations.

    Release Date: February 12, 2024.

  • Recently Published:

    I’ve known about yabbuts for a while. Having children of my own I heard them referenced quite frequently. Recently on a trip to the mountains though, a young friend of mine gave me quite a wonderful description of what a yabbut looks like and the book There Are No Such Things As Yabbuts was born. He has been eagerly awaiting its debut with his very own handmade yabbut pictured below.

    This friend loves math, and has quite a remarkable gift for facts and so I knew I had to include a mathematical element. If you pay close attention, you may notice a pattern within the pages. Parents you will know it as the Fibonacci sequence that is so often found in nature.

    My own children and I have a running joke that I am not a But Mom and so a book exposing the problem with overuse of the word but is dear to my heart. Silly and simple, this book does just that with a simple note to the reader in the back with a simple yet serious suggestion on a better way to be heard.

    Looking forward to launching There Are No Such Things As Yabbuts available November 2023.

  • Norton the Snail

    A Crochet Pattern by Chelan Ku

    When Chelan Ku was eight years old, her mother taught her how to crochet. Over the years her skills grew and crochet was one of Chelan’s many hobbies.

    Now, she is often inspired by her current work to create. This crochet pattern is inspired by both her illustration workshop with children at recent author visits and a character in her book Norton’s Lucky Day coming Spring 2024.

    If you live in her area, you may be so lucky to find a snail crafted by Chelan Ku herself to take home for free. What a nice surprise!

  • Mr. Beau Jingles Bookmark

    Step 1: Cut out your bookmark square using the light grey lines as guidelines.

    Step 2: Cut a straight line from the dark corner toward the center to the end of the dark grey as shown in the picture below. 

    Step 3: Flip over your paper and fold the opposite corner up to the top corner and make a crease.

    Step 4: Fold the corners at the side up to the top and make a crease for each side.

    Step 5: Unfold the side corners.

    Step 6: Fold the top corner down to meet the center fold and crease.

    Step 7: Unfold completely.

    Step 8: Using a pink crayon color two right triangles for the inside of the ears at the corner with the cut from step one as shown below.

    Step 9: Fold the bottom corner back up to meet the top.

    Step 10: Fold the side corners to the center as shown below and crease. 

    Step 11: Unfold completely.

    Step 12: Fold the bottom corner to the center.

    Step 13: Fold bottom up along the center crease as shown below.

    Step 14: Fold the side corners up to the top.

    Step 15: Tuck the side corners down along the crease lines so that they create a pocket as shown below.

    Step 16: Fold down the ears from the cut you created in step two to the edge using the dark gray shape now on the back as a guideline.

    Step 17: Tuck the ears down into the pocket.

    Step 18: Fold down the tops of the ears starting at the corners using the dark grey shape as a guideline.

    Step 19: Enjoy your Mr. Beau Jingles corner bookmark and share this craft with your friends. If you are on social media, we would love for you to tag Chelan Ku Books.

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  • Get Ready For Your Child’s Author Visit

    At your child’s author visit, they can expect a short presentation on how an author and illustrator both communicate through words and pictures, a reading by the author, and time to ask questions. Age appropriate time for art may also be led by Chelan Ku at the teacher’s discretion.

    Select shop from the website menu to purchase books to be signed by Chelan Ku and discreetly delivered to your child’s classroom. The code VISIT can be entered into the coupon field at checkout to waive shipping fees on all books delivered to your child’s school.

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Want to Stay Up To Date On Chelan Ku Books?

Enter your email address below to subscribe to updates on book releases, events, activities, and more.